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We taked about Keisha being an Empowerment Speaker and Peak Performance Coach whose passion is to ignite possibilities in people so that they live responsibly and joyfully by their own design. Keisha's work with teens. In addition, Keisha shared about her signature message, Welfare to Wall Street, which is her personal story of escaping poverty to become a highly respected executive in a company specializing in institutional credit markets technology. In addition, we talked about Keisha's upcoming workshop titled, The ASK Experience (Awaken Someone's Knowledge) a lively half-day workshop that teaches people to design their requests to ensure that they get the desired outcome and support they need. The key is to put your "ask” on the line. Keisha’s goal is to empower women toward healthy relationships, fulfilling careers, and other tangible high-impact results. 

The ASK Experience ~ Saturday, November 2, 2013 
Questions? email: Team ASK, T: 917.834.7150 E:

Kathryn Keats Singer Songwriter - More than a Survivor

A Woman’s Perspective
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