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Dr. Elizabeth Muss joins Virginia Reed this week on A Woman's Perspective. Dr. Muss shares her perspective of coming up in a field mostly dominated by men. Topics range from sexism in the classroom to currently working as a doctor in Manhattan. 

Gerry Seidman, CEO, Tactonic Technologies

 Our Health seen through Gait and Balance

 Gerry Seidman talks about Tactonic Technologies and how their floor pressure sensing mats can be used to remotely monitor gait and balance for those Aging-at-Home, for example between the bedroom and bathroom, to detect when they are off-balance but also monitoring progress and even predicting diseases like Parkinson's, MS, Stroke, and risk of falling. These sensor mats can also be used for fitness applications, factory ergonomics, interactive gaming, and of course the Art of Movement. 

Turmoil in the Bitcoin Market, wild price fluctuations, suicide of a Bitcoin exchange CEO in Singapore, bankruptcy of Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange, the hacking and theft of funds in encrypted accounts and hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoins missing.
The Judicial System and court process in the Philippines, the lingering devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda with millions still homeless,  
The disappearance of the Air Malaysia flight. 
Russian invasion of the Crimea and possibly the Eastern Ukraine, possible reasons and historical context.

A Woman’s Perspective
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