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With guest Dianne Woodruff, CMA,PhD. New perspectives on weight shift, mechanoreceptors, learning and fitness and a principle--Support Precedes Movement--of Body Mind Centering.

Interview with Sarah White, writer, translator, teacher, “Poems of Far Love and Near”
White introduced her most recent poetry collection, “The Unknowing Muse,”
and also read excerpts from Songs of the Women Troubadours, translated from
Old Occitan with co-editors Matilda Bruckner and Laurie Shepard.

Marcel-and-Me-cover300-187x300An interview with Paulette Frankl on her new book, Marcel & Me, A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion, about her 36 year affair with the great mime Marcel Marceau, the relationship's wisdoms and pitfalls. 

Review of the book "Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe", Is there life in the Universe beyond Earth?  The principal character's in William Shakespeare's plays, The Winters Tale, Macbeth and Merchant of Venice, the task of the actor in interpreting those roles and making them believable to the modern audience and their relevance to today's society; Bitcoins and their growing use and their utility in the electronic age and potential dangers.

A Woman’s Perspective
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