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Alison Leiderman, MS-CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist- More Than Just Talking
Meaning or Succinct:  From Birth to Death, Hospital to Home, Feeding to Cognition, Neurological to Muscular: Facilitating Communication and Well-Being through Individual Diagnosis and Therapy

With guest Linda Miller, singer, writer, and actor. 

Deborah Brandt, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Movement Analyst shares her treatment techniques and philosophy while reflecting on her lifetime of movement studies.  

Accents for the actor and the importance of also learning the distinctive body language used by different ethnic groups:  Irish, German, English, Italian, Yiddish, Israeli, Middle Eastern etc., Bitcoins and their drop in value after the Mt. Gox Exchange bankruptcy and the outlook for the future;  War clouds looming in Asia as China encroaches on the borders of India, and into the territorial waters of Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines; The changing data on Anthropogenic Global Warming now referred to as "Climate Change" and the predictions by scientists of a coming global cooling or possibly, an Ice Age.

With guests Terry Schreiber and Jake Turner - Acting, Movement and Process of Performing

A Woman’s Perspective
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