With internationally known singer Linda Miller.

With therapist Pat Reed. 

With guest Dianne L. Woodruff, covering topics:

Exertion/Recuperation, “you can’t outrun obesity”; sitting is the new smoking.

Interview with Mary Bogue

Director Terry Schreiber and actors Jacques Mitchell and Taylor Graves discuss their upcoming production of Tennessee Williams' Summer And Smoke.

Host Virginia Reed with guest Luis de Amechazurra.

With guest Dr. Keith Sedlacek on biofeedback. 

Virginia Reed interviews Sigrid MacRae, author of "A World Elsewhere," about the process of writing.

Using the body to keep it functioning for a lifetime using 3-D Workout.

deborah brandtWhen Deborah R. Brandt, Doctor of Physical Therapy, invites a patient to participate in a treatment activity, she is asking the question, "will 
you join me?"
Her patient answers using words and actions which inform her next question.  This kind of exchange is often her framework for a collaborative treatment environment.

A Woman’s Perspective
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